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Welcome to my blog for stories that I write and tell. This is my background..

Raised in Marblehead, MA, I took a Greyhound to San Diego when I was 19, in search of fame, fortune and the good life. I’m still searching.

In the meantime, As a standup comedian in the 1990s, I played dozens of clubs and colleges around the country, and shared stages in Hollywood with some of the greatest comedians of today.

I left comedy to expand my horizons, becoming a full time college student at 30 years old, and got degrees from LA City College and UCLA. While at LA City College, I got to work with Michael Miller, one of the top basketball coaches in California history and I was integral in the formation of the college’s first women’s basketball team. As a 34-year old senior at UCLA, I was the oldest sports editor in Daily Bruin history. I consider the time spent in the UCLA athletic department, the courts, the fields and the access to dozens of Olympic Gold Medalists the most valuable aspect of my college education.

After graduation, I worked at CBS Sportsline as an editor for esteemed writers like Dan Wetzel and Jay Glazer. I sold newspaper advertising for Village Voice Media in South Florida and Los Angeles, and I was brought into the company and mentored by current Village Voice publisher, Michael Cohen.

As a dance club, fashion photographer, with my old Kodak Easyshare aim and click camera, I would should Hollywood dance clubs and runway shows, along with parties in the Hollywood Hills. My aim and click photography during this phase frequently appeared in blogs based in Los Angeles and Paris. I also had 2 full page glossies in 944 (Los Angeles) and 2 multi-page glossy spreads in Maxim en Espanol.

In 2007, I tired of the dance club and fashion scene, and I decided to devote more time to rock and roll photography. I upgraded my camera to a Canon SLR, and I rapidly became one of the more recognized photographers in the highly competitive Los Angeles rock and roll scene, with the majority of my work being for LA Record. After a few years of band photography, I switched to interviewing bands and artists and cd reviewing for LA Record. I’ve interviewed, reviewed or photographed hundreds of bands, and for me, nothing beats the energy of a full room when a great band on stage in it’s zone is connecting with the audience.

During the Summer of 2011, I went to see a friend read at a local room in Cambridge. I found the event interesting and decided to write down some stories to read and perform. While reading a few stories around Cambridge, I was introduced to storyslams like Massmouth and The Moth. In August, 2011, I wrote a short story “The First Lady Cubs” that was the basis for an Internet Audio Story recorded in NYC for Yarn Audio Works. This further stirred my interest for story telling.

In December, 2011, I wrote a story, “Horse Party” specifically for a Massmouth Storyslam at Doyles in Jamaica Plain, with the theme of “Gifts.” I almost punked out, because I was 50% chicken and 50% too broke to cover the entry fee. I ended up telling the story, and I won! I’ve never actually seen or heard the story, because I didn’t think to record it, and it was the only time I told the story in front of people. But I felt natural telling the story, and I could feel people were liking it and following the arc of the story, which was really fun, so story telling will be my new creative outlet for the next few years.